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Series Nine ~ Released Winter 2007

This herd is another one of those that is all over the place. Several classy pieces, notably Lynn Bean's Copper Enchantment and Maria Ryan's Native Jewel, far outshine most of the other pieces. The gorgeously ornate Viva Las Vegas downright shames Fancy Dancer. The ceramics again lose ground with only one appearance in this group. The enduring popularity of Copper and Silverado marginally save this series from mediocrity.

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2007.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box.
  • I cannot confirm that any of these ponies were made into the life sized figures.
  • Native Jewel, Silverado, Copper Enchantment, Bedazzled and Sounds of Thunder will all have ponies that are "remanufactured" by Enesco as well their original Westland editions.

Sounds of Thunder Sounds of Thunder
Bill and Traci Rabbit
Retired July 2011
Last Model # 4E/8090

High gloss ceramic piece in an eye-catching blue. The piece features a Native American warrior on one side, a Native American woman on the other. Both are intricately detailed in black, silver and crimson. Offset blue and white legs somewhat interrupts the flow of the art but doesn't detract all that much. Wonderful beadwork on the woman's side is worth a closer look. Overall a nice piece that enjoys modest popularity with collectors. The pony presents with no problems. Display under indirect lighting to avoid glare.

Silverado Silverado
Karlynn Keyes - TOPP
Still in production

Beautiful, flashy black and white pinto featuring an amazing parade saddle reminiscent of the early part of last century. Elaborate scroll work embellish the stylish silver of the saddle, breast collar, tail piece and martingale. And be sure and note those stirrups, they are just marvelous. The striking red and black saddle pad along with the red and white bridle reins lend just the right amount of color to this piece. The flat black base is adorned with a silver medallion between the horse's hooves. Silverado was popular right out of the gate and remains so. The piece presents with a few problems, mostly reins that have come undone, occasionally a broken stirrup. Repairs on this model can be tricky. Display under direct lighting to bring out the bling.

Cheyenne Painted Rawhide Cheyenne Painted Rawhide
Liz Chappie-Zoller
Retired January 2010
Last Model # 3E/0522

Pretty buckskin piece with black legs, hooves, mane and tail. Unique points include interesting abstract designs enclosed in geometric shapes using predominantly red and blue green. The face of the model is almost completely covered with jagged and stark straight lines. The tail has blue points with red zig zags running down it. One front foreleg is encased in a rawhide boot with indiscreet markings. The mane is peculiar, actually drawn up into points and secured with a red rawhide. The closest braid I can come up with for this is a dressage style but this isn't quite right. The model presents with only one problem, and that's those troublesome braid points, they can break and cannot be repaired without the model being considered flawed. Display under direct lighting.

Native Jewel Pony Native Jewel Pony
Maria Ryan
Retired February 2012
Last Model # 4E/5962

Native Jewel marks the debut of Maria Ryan to the Trail of Painted Ponies. Lovely red pony with black back, mane and tail. Stunning silver and turquoise adornments in a circular pattern on the back then extending down the barrel in three points. Small silver points encircle the neck with round turquoise drops scattered from it. Wonderful silver feathers are attached behind the ears. Star points accent the tail. Four silver hooves topped with turquoise boots rimmed in silver complete this amazing pony. This model presents with a few issues, mainly pieces of turquoise coming out of their place. It should be noted that later editions of Jewel are orange instead of the pretty red which while not a flaw is not the color the artist intended. Display under direct lighting to show this girl off.

Copper Enchantment Copper Enchantment
Lynn Bean
Retired February 2012
Last Model # 5E/3353

This gorgeous pony is Lynn's second offering by the Trail and arguably her most popular. An absolutely stunning leopard Appaloosa pony embellished with hand tooled copper foil, leather, feathers and beads. The fringed blanket adorned with braided string and beads has the leather points. A copper framed hand print on the rump features Native American symbols. A remarkable lightning bolt brands the neck of the piece in copper foil. Colorful feathers cascade down the black tail as do beads from the neck and head. Copper and leather fringed boots rest above four copper colored hooves. The piece has a black muzzle and black tipped ears along with wonderfully detailed eyes. Overall this model is simply sensational. Problems can occur with the attachment of any of the embellishments. Copper should be kept in a closed cabinet, away from curious paws. Display under direct lighting.

Bedazzled Bedazzled
J.E. Speight aka Janee Hughes
Retired July 2011
Last Model # 4E/4878

The second carousel horse of the line, Bedazzled is a pretty offering, reminiscent of the turn of the last century carousel horses. Unique points include a sparkling silver coat with a flowing golden mane and tail. Pastel pink and blue saddle blanket, breast collar and back strap are studded with red gems and finished with gold tassles. The leather colored English saddle is situated just behind the shiny gold carousel pole of the pony. Pretty, delicate blue halter with a criss cross faceplate finish the tack ensemble. Glossy black hooves sport gold shoes. This model can have either loose or missing gems that are easily repaired or replaced. Display under direct lighting for a sparkley exhibit.

Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas
La Marr
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 3E/5744

A dazzling first offering from La Marr to the Trail and wow, it's a beauty. A flat white pony dressed in her Vegas finery from her silver saddle to her colorful blue and gold thigh highs, beaded blanket, breast collar and elaborate necklace. Gold bracelets encircle her ankles. Pretty bridle and reins lead up to an elaborate feathered headdress. Four shiny gold hooves complete her outfit. Vegas has a few problems with the feathers in her headdress but they are usually easily fixed and fluffed. Also, the dangling beads on the reins are sometimes outright missing. Display in a cabinet because of the feathers, and under direct lighting that shows off her sparkle.

Fancy Dancer Fancy Dancer
Devon Archer
Retired January 2010
Last Model # 3E/5485

An extravagant piece that starts with a flat sky blue coat over the entire pony, including the hooves. Two red draping bustles made of resin rest on the withers and the backside of the model, fringed in metallic beads. The back bustle has a headdress with stiff standing feathers and long, streaming pieces of red tinsel. An identical headdress extends from the base of the neck and clashes with the other, often becoming tangled. A roached mane made of resin looks awkward and a bit out of place on the piece. Beaded neck bands and halter finish the head. Four feathered and beaded boots start at the ankle and drape down to the top of the hoof. A garter looking ornament encircles one front leg. This piece enjoys modest popularity but is not appealing to the vast majority of collectors. The embellishments are not symetrical and appear awkward. The stiff feathers are a problem, they break easily and that tinsel, oh that tinsel. It crinkles terribly and then stays that way. Another piece that is difficult to display, must be behind glass to protect it but lighting either makes it appear gaudy or outright ugly. Anyone who has successfully displayed this piece please chime in.

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