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Series Eight ~ Released Summer & Holiday 2006

Series eight introduced collectors to the new walking mold. Also, it should be noted that ceramics again take a hit, with only two produced for this series. The herd itself is rather lackluster with really no standouts with the possible exception of Ross Lampshire's Dream Warriors. Three of the four Christmas ponies are by the same artist, Janee Hughes, which is somewhat unusual. The stunning disappointment to me would have to be Crystal while Polar Express, in hand, was a pleasant surprise. As stated, overall, another middle of the trail group.

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2006.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box.
  • I cannot confirm that Many Tribes, Spirits of the Northwest or any of the four Christmas ponies were produced in a life size model.
  • Each pony in this series has now been retired.

Blondes Blondes
David DeVary
Retired January
Last Model # 3E/4841

This is an interesting piece, not quite your usual portrayal of the iconic cowboy/cowgirl. The pony is a pretty palomino in a muted gloss with the white mane, tail and socks of the breed. The cowgirl, who truthfully has kinda gray hair and not blonde, is wearing a long yellow slicker that's wind blown to be quite revealing. A tipped down black hat along with knee high red and blue boots complete her scanty outfit. Blondes was fairly well received by collectors and has remained modestly popular. The piece presents with no known problems. A ceramic, so display with care under lights.

Many Tribes Many Tribes
Linda Hassett
Retired July 2008
Last Model # 3E/7242

Many Tribes is a curious piece, an amalgam of different styles of Native American pottery both contemporary and traditional. The colorful geometric shapes form a beautiful pattern that blankets the white pony. Close inspection reveals the small artfully designed animals hidden in the shapes. Tribes was never a popular piece but has retained it's value nicely. Another ceramic, so display in a closed cabinet under lightiing.

Horse With No Name Horse With No Name
Loran Creech
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 4E/6652

Beautifully dappled and colored Appaloosa in a somewhat blood bay. The spots appear to be confetti as opposed to true Appy spots but no matter, it's still a wonderful piece. The piece is marked in the traditional Native American icons of a powerful warrior, including the circle around the eye, sun on the shoulder, lighting bolt on the face and the handprint on his flank. Feathers in the mane, on the muzzle and tail complete the icon collection. Horse with No Name was a wildly popular piece and has remained so since retirement. The feathers can be damaged or outright missing from the model but overall this is a sturdy piece with few problems. Display under direct lighting to bring out those lovely colors.

Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
Gregorio & Graciela Medina, The Huichol Indians
Retired July 2008
Last Model # 3E/7146

Let me start with saying that this piece did not transfer well from the Maquette to the model. The piece is very drab, the colors lost in the overwhelming amount of black making the intricate designs appear incomplete and sporatic. Because of the raised design or "dots" it has come to be known as the "light bright horse". The piece is supposed to appear beaded but instead resembles, well Light Brights. I've had a couple of collectors complain of brushed off raised dots leaving a bare spot, otherwise few problems. I have not found a way to attractively display the model. Please email me any suggestions and I'll add them in.

Dog and Pony Show Dog and Pony Show
Gene Dieckhoner
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 4E/1730

Dog and Pony Show is a cute piece with the base coloring being that of the traditonal black and tan of a Doberman Pinscher. Purebreed and mutts gather together on the form of the horse in this charming tribute to man's best friend. The faces of the dogs are wonderfully detailed with cute doggie grins, especially the white Bichon Frise on the model's backside. This piece presents with no known problems. Display under direct lighting to bring out those doggies.

Super Charger Super Charger
Rod Barker - TOPP
July 2008
Last Model # 4E/0370

An interesting piece reminescent of the knights of old. Lovely black model attired in the traditional medieval garb of the charger including full armor, jeweled sword and helmet. The fringe on the armor plates is a nice touch as is the topknot on the headstall of the horse and the knight's helmet. This is the debut of the walking mold and on this piece features feathering on the lower leg and fetlock as well as a full, flowing tail. Surprisingly the model presents with no problems. Display under lighting to bring out the high gloss.

Dream Warriors Dream Warriors
Ross Lampshire
Retired January 2010
Last Model # 4E/3643

An intriguing piece making use of color and form in an otherwordly manner. The blues, whites, grays and blacks blend perfectly as they embody the cloudy night sky lite by the full moon. The Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull, is the model for the warrior beseeching the Gods for a vision. The use of stark black lines to outline the form of the man is unique and quite interesting. Finishing off the model are four bold blue hooves. The flowing design of this model is outstanding. Dream Warriors presents with no problems. Display under direct lighting to show this boy off.

Spirits of the Northwest Spirits of the Northwest
Laurie Holman
Retired January 2010
Last Model #3E/4523

An exotic piece covered with Native Alaskan totems in bright, bold colors in intriguing shapes all imposed on a black form. Unfortunately the piece has no symmetry and appears choppy, somewhat cut up. Study the model carefully and you can pick out the various animal totems like the Grizzly, Whale, Salmon, Eagle and Raven. The face and muzzle of the pony are a bit sinister looking, especially the rows of teeth. At least the teeth are bright, obviously Spirit flosses. Seriously, even though this is not a pony I can say I like, I can see the purity and wonderful artistry that went into it's design. The pony presents with no problems out of the box. Display under indirect lighting.

Silver Bells Silver Bells
Janee Hughes
Retired February 2010
Last Model # 3E/1817

A pretty silver gray piece decked out in Christmas harness and bells. The intricate harness is red and green and laced with bells as well as a lacey fringed breast collar with a center bell and a matching halter with a criss cross face piece. The piece also sports red and green fetlock boots with bells. The base is a snowy textured one with a pretty matching rim. A minor complaint with this model is the green, it's a pastel and most collectors agree that a nice Spruce green would have been a better choice. The model does present with some problems with those bells. They can come off and are devilishly hard to discreetly reattach. Display under muted lighting year round and in a nice Christmas table top arrangement during the Yule season.

Frosty Frosty
Janee Hughes
Retired February 2010
Last Model # 2E/9624

With his black silk top hat this pony snowman is sure a crowd pleaser. Stark white body is adorned with jolly, dancing snowmen and a flowing tartan scarf. This piece is still quite popular with both Pony and Christmas decor collectors. The model presents with no problems that I'm aware of. Display under muted lighting year round and in a nice Christmas table top arrangement during the holidays.

Polar Express Polar Express
J.E. Speight aka Janee Hughes
Retired February 2012
Last Model # 3E/3815

This is one of the prettier Christmas pieces. Beautiful white horse loaded with St. Nicholas' satchel of toys. His ornate red, green and gold harness and saddle blanket is wonderfully fringed with tassels. Red bows flow from the tail and the headstall of the matching bridle. The satchel is a muted golden color with a green ribbon for a tie. Cute toys peek from the slightly opened top of the bag. This piece is perfect for this running mold. The base again has the snow textured appearance. The only problem I've heard of with this model is occasionally a toy will be broken off. Display under lighting year round and in a nice Christmas arrangement during the holidays.

Crystal Crystal
Oleno Kalayda
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 3E/7201

One of the most anticipated Christmas offerings ever, Crystal was a crowd pleaser from the moment she was released. Reminiscent of winter days in her homeland of the Ukraine, the artist embellished her pony with the swirls of silver, lacey snow of a sunny winter's day. The lovely bluish tint to the patterns is quite striking as is the glittery skeins of silver running through them. Silver lace reins are attached with a blue tassle to the muzzle. Pretty crystals adorn the forelock and breast collar. The hooves are the pastel blue with silver trim for shoes. An intricate lace design is on the base. The crystals can come off but are easily reattached. This model displays very well under direct lighting and makes a stunning edition to any Christmas arrangement.

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