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Series Seven ~ Released Winter 2006

The seventh herd marks a return to the innovative and imaginative designs seen in the first couple of series. With Lynn Bean and Lori Musil leading the way, this series canters to the forefront of favorites. The Native American offerings are wonderfully diverse. The ceramics could be considered the weaker ponies but not by much, after all, the casual nod to the NASCAR set with Horsepower to Burn is just so dang neat. Even the high maintenance Silver Lining must be appreciated simply for it's unique beauty.

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2006.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box.
  • All of the ponies in this series, except Gift Horse and Native People's Pony, are also life sized models for the Trail.
  • Silver Lining, Fetish Pony and Year of the Horse will all have ponies that are "remanufactured" by Enesco as well as their original Westland pieces.
  • Each pony in this series has now been retired.

Silver Lining Silver Lining
Star Liana York
Retired February 2012
Last Model # 6E/6442

This piece is huge and very heavy. It's nearly 12 inches high to the tip of the wings. Silver is a striking interpretation of Pegasus, the winged horse of the Muses. The body of the horse is an iridescent white with purple hooves and white jeweled eyes. The wings are white with beautiful light gray shadowing. As expected, the wings can be a problem. They can break completely off the body, and they also get chipped, cracked, etc. from moving the model and not allowing enough overhead space for the wings. Display with care under lighting and try not to move too much.

Woodland Hunter Woodland Hunter
Kevin Kilhoffer
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 5E/2444

One of the more intricate pieces of the line, similar to Medicine Horse, Woodland Hunter is a historically accurate interpretation of a Plains Indian warrior. At first glance he looks gaudy but give the model a closer inspection and you'll discover a shield, weapons, saddle and bags for transporting food. The wonderful brightly colored, geometric blue and yellow markings on the horse tell of the deeds of the warrior. Finishing off the unusual coloring is a stark black tail, socks & hooves and a touch of black on the muzzle. The base is a realistic stand of grass, sand and rocks. The model presents with the usual problems of the complicated pieces, broken spears, missing string on the bow, missing feathers, etc. so check your model carefully. Display under lighting in a cabinet and away from curious fingers and paws.

Fetish Pony Fetish Pony
Lynn Bean
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 5E/3620

Fetish marks the debut of Lynn Bean to the Trail. The sandstone textured finish is unique to this piece and quite interesting. Wonderfully muted colors of sand, pale green & turquoise as well as a bit of gray/black mark the outlines of seemingly emerging horses from the model itself. Intricate swirls surround the horses, extend down the legs and actually continue onto the base of the piece. A "power pack" of colorful feathers, beads and shells is strapped to the pony. Fetish presents with very few problems, mostly missing items from the fetish power pack. Display this model under lighting and out of reach of fingers and paws.

The Magician The Magician
Andersen Kee
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 4E/9055

Beautiful piece in a lovely light and dark blood bay coloring featuring a magnificent Native American "horse whisperer" spreading wide his elk skin robe and releasing his herd of spirit ponies. He gathers them to him on the backside of the model. The shading on this model is superb, quite subtle but well worth noting. This pony is perfect on the running mold. The Trail would be wise to encourage this artist to submit more of his art. This model presents with no problems. Display under light to bring out those beautiful blood bay variations.

Year of the Horse Year of the Horse
Lori Musil
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 7E/6644

Year of the Horse is Lori Musil's second offering to the Trail line and is again in her ingenious signature style of blended images. This time her focus is the horse and boy does she focus! A Quarter Horse, a Thoroughbred, an American Paint Horse and an Appaloosa are a few of the ten graceful images on the curving body of this model. This piece is a fascinating work of art, warranting a close study to truly uncover the clever placement of the different horse images and a wonderful surprise in the visage of a mule, in particular Brighty from the beloved Marguerite Henry novel. Lovely cream colored mane and tail complement the marvelous colors of the body. The model presents with no problems. Display under lighting to release the colors of Year of the Horse.

Native People's Pony Native People's Pony
Frank Salcido
Retired January 2007
Last Model # 2E/7201

High gloss ceramic with both sides of the model featuring images of Native People from around the world, including the Aztec, the Mayans, the Australian Aboriginal and an African Masai woman. The artist used pastel colors which is an interesting choice considering bold colors are predominant in Native artworks. A flowing rainbow extends from behind the ears and down a portion of the neck. The legs of the piece are all different colors, the muzzle is a light blue, the tail is multi-colored. Native was never a popular piece among collectors but seems to be holding it's own as far as value now that it's retired. A ceramic so display safely in a lighted cabinet.

Gift Horse Gift Horse
Misty Lynn Auld
Retired January 2007
Last Model # 3E/0930

Another high gloss ceramic in the standing mold. An imaginative use of imagery on this piece from her cute base of a pretty purple package to the candy covered halter. Brightly colored packages, balloons, party hats and streamers cleverly wrap Gift Horse quite nicely. This girl was moderately popular while in production and has remained so since being put out to pasture. The model presents with no problems. Displays best under lighting.

Horsepower to Burn Horsepower to Burn
Rich Mattson
Retired January 2007
Last Model # 2E/9001

Horsepower is a striking high gloss ceramic piece. A NASCAR lovers dream horse with a checkered flag covering the body and smoking hot yellow, orange and red flames streaming down the neck and barrel, all the way to the flowing tail. A perfect design for the running mold. Glossy black base sports a single broken white line. Oddly, in my opinion, is the blank white face on the piece. That's a bit of puzzle. Horsepower appeals to a wide range of collectors from Pony collectors to NASCAR fans and has remained modestly popular after retirement. The model presents with no problems. Display under lighting in a cabinet or perhaps in a racing collection.

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