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Series Three ~ Released Winter 2004

Series Three was somewhat of a disappointment with no outstanding models to speak of. However, a few enjoyed modest popularity including Sky of Enchantment and Apple-oosa. Ghost Horse is hit or miss at best as are most of the other ponies. The varied designs didn't seem to go over well with collectors and this series is all over the place in design. The pieces in this series also mark a subtle shift away from the ceramics with only five produced as opposed to seven resins.

  • All ponies will have the item number and pony's name stamped on the bottom of the base.
  • For this series the artist's name is not printed on the bottom of the base.
  • TOPP was not yet incorporated so they are labeled as an LLC on the base.
  • All of the resins will be have their edition numbers stamped on them, the line number is hand written.
  • Some of the ceramics will have both edition and line numbers hand written.
  • Some of the ceramics will have stamped edition numbers.
  • 1E ponies will all read Westland, "Made in China" on the base.
  • The copyright date is 2004.
  • Series Three ponies that were manufactured and released before or sometime during 2005 should be in a black box IF the box is the original that the pony was sold in.
  • It should be noted that all twelve of these ponies were originally cast in the life-sized mold and then created as a figurine.
  • Each pony in this series has now been retired.

Children of the Garden Children of the Garden
Connie Garcia
Retired September 2004
Last Model # 1E/9800

This piece has a flat black background with children riding the pony through a magical garden. The base is festooned with colorful bugs and flowers. The face and tail of the model has multi-colored strips in intricate patterns. Children of the Garden has never been a popular model. It retired early, the same year as it's release, but has not significantly increased in value. The model has no known issues, sturdy and usually intact right out of the box. Display under lighting.

Dances With Hooves Dances With Hooves
Ty Anderle
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 2E/5505

Another unusually textured piece, Dances with Hooves features intricate petroglyph and pictograph designs that dance over the lovely bronze undercoat. The color scheme of the model is striking with sharp, clear black lines & light turquoise midsections of the figures all floating on the bronze body. The eyes are a knock-out on this piece, pretty jeweled toned inset in the golden face. Dances is a moderately popular figurine that has always been underrated. This is a sturdy model with no problems. A lighted cabinet shows off the lovely bronze of Dances.

Wound Up Time On The Range Wound Up Time On The Range
Roger Evans
Retired September 2004
Last Model # 1E/8600

The most whimsical piece of the entire Painted Pony line, in my opinion. Wound Up is a pull toy, pony style. The model features a little boy wearing a 10 gallon hat while sitting astride his baby blue painted pony. The body of the piece is nicely illustrated with a southerwestern landscape. The base sports cute multi-colored wheels and a pull string topped with a bright red ball. The pony's backside has a wind up key attached. The model has a few issues out of the box including strings not attached in the base, broken wind up keys and the odd wheel that comes off. Wound Up retired early and has modestly increased in value since then. Displays well either in a cabinet or on a table top.

Sky of Enchantment Sky of Enchantment
Ilse Magener
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 4E/1547

Beautiful glossy black pony with wonderfully detailed golden celestial designs on the body. Colorful stones are placed in the centers of the designs. The model's tail and hooves are a glossy gold. Interesting starbursts surround the eyes. Oddly, in my opinion, a single red stone protrudes from the bottom of the barrel of the model, somewhat like a belly button. Sky was always a popular pony among collectors and has only gained in popularity since retiring. First editions now command a fairly high price. Occasionally a stone will pop loose from the piece and need gluing back in. Other than that the model is problem free. Displays best under lighting.

Ghost Horse Ghost Horse
Bill Miller
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 6E/3894

Uniquely colored model that memorializes the historic massacre at Wounded Knee. The piece features celestial symbols, a ghostly image of a Native American as well as the words to the artist's award winning song "Ghost Dance". The gradual progression of dark blackish orange on the face to the brighter sun colored orange of the rump give the piece a seamless flow from nose to tail. Ghost is one of those models that collectors either love or intensely dislike. The pony presents with no problems right out of the box. Displays either under lights or on a table top.

Tewa Horse Tewa Horse
Tom Tapia
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 8E/4919

Tewa is a richly symbolic piece featuring bold geometric shapes and striking black and white coloring. The sash, blanket, eagle and hand print all represent a traditional image that has been handed down for generations in the Tesuque Pueblo tribe. The model is flat, not glossy, which adds to the bold statement of the piece. The stark white eyes in the black face lend the pony an air of wisdom and peace. Tewa is a sturdy model that presents with no problems right out of the box. Tewa displays well anywhere.

Blue Medicine Blue Medicine
Mary Iron Eyes
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 7E/6289

Gorgeous medicine pony covered with handprints that tradtionally symbolize the healing and support of the medicine man of the Native American tribe. The piece features a suede mane and fringe on the saddle blanket. The small blanket also has intricate beading. The model has a strking black face and alternating black hooves. The base of the piece is textured and has an intricate design between the hooves. Blue Medicine has few problems, perhaps a few strands of fringe or mane torn. Overall a sturdy piece that displays well, best under lighting.

Fantastic Fillies Fantastic Fillies
Janee Hughes
Retired January 2010
Last Model # 6E/4025

Beautiful glossy black running piece that showcases four fillies as they head down the homestretch. Wonderfully contrasting colors of the horses and the jockey's silks against the black body of the model. A lovely tribute to the sport of kings. Fantastic Fillies has been wildly popular since her debut and is still one of the more eyecatching ponies at any show. Some paint loss & flaking of the tail has been noted so handle and dust with care in order not to exacerbate the issue. Also it has been noted that the decals on the model can be wrinkled or folded, probably from trying to apply and wrap to the curves of the body. A ceramic, so best displayed behind glass and under lights.

Floral Pony Floral Pony
Noel Espinosa
Retired February 200
Last Model # 3E/0130

Lovely model covered with lush flowers and vines cascading down ancient columns. The matte finish adds to the luminous appearance of the piece as do the soft greens, pinks and orange colors. Even the columns have an aged patina. The flowing lines of the art is perfectly suited to the running mold. Floral has always been a sought after pony, even more so now that she is retired. No problems with the model except on occasion paint has overrun the hoof and onto the plain black base. A ceramic, so display behind glass.

Heavenly Pony Heavenly Pony
Noel Espinosa
Retired July 2008
Last Model # 6E/3549

Terrific use of imagery using beautiful, fluffy clouds to form horse shapes on the body of the piece. The design of this pony is perfect for the running mold, lending movement to the art. The finish is matte adding the luminous quality of the figures. Heavenly Pony was always an eye-catching piece at the shows and has since become a much sought after retired model. The piece suffers from some minor paint issues so check your model with care. Another ceramic so handle and display with care.

Love As Strong As A Horse Love As Strong As A Horse
Jesse Hummingbird
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 2E/5921

Love features two pairs of brightly colored, geometically shaped face masks. The masks are a Cherokee tradition and are hung in the home for power and protection from bad luck. High gloss colors make the piece very striking and invite you to study all the intricacies of the model. Interestly, the face is banded with white where the eyes should be, leaving a blank look to the face. This model presents with no problems. A ceramic so display behind glass for safety.

Apple-oosa Apple-oosa
Penny Thomas Simpson
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 3E/9234

Apple-oosa is just so darn cute. She's a lovely glossy, dappled gray girl with a beautiful still life portrait of apples on her backside. A couple of pretty white apple blossoms feather her withers. This model has a sweet, gentle expression on her face with soft wisdom in her dark eyes. Apple was a hit from her debut and is still wildly popular with not only pony collectors but apple motif collectors as well. She's a sturdy model who presents with no problems. Should be displayed behind glass for safety but looks wonderful in an apple decorated kitchen too.

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