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Series Two ~ Released Summer 2003

The second series was released with little fanfare and that's such a shame because, arguably, this is the best overall series of the entire line. The six resins are outstanding with Quarter Horse being the obvious crowd pleaser simply because of the sheer genius design, but Bob Coonts' Mosaic Appaloosa is certainly no slouch when it comes to design brilliance either. This series also features the first carousel horse of the line. The pieces are again evenly split with six resins and six ceramics.

  • All ponies will have the item number and pony's name stamped on the bottom of the base.
  • For this series the artist's name is not printed on the bottom of the base.
  • TOPP was not yet incorporated so they are labeled as an LLC on the base.
  • All of the resins will be have their edition numbers stamped on them, the line number is hand written.
  • All of the ceramics will have both edition and line numbers hand written.
  • 1E ponies will all read Westland, "Made in China" on the base.
  • The copyright date is 2003.
  • Series Two ponies that were manufactured and released before or sometime during 2005 should be in a black box IF the box is the original that the pony was sold in.
  • It should be noted that all twelve of these ponies were originally cast in the life-sized mold and then created as a figurine.
  • Each pony in this series has now been retired.

Patrol Horse Patrol Horse
Dwayne & Ginger Ulibarri
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 2E/2888

Beautiful matte finish piece that is one of the few that shows off the form of the horse and in a wonderfully rich brown color too. Patrol Horse is decked out in the traditional blue police uniform shirt and hat with black knee high boots that are spit shined to a high gloss and of course his dark sunglasses too. He sports a night stick on his belt with handcuffs clamped in his teeth. The handcuffs can snap off so handle & dust with care. Displays best under lighting in an enclosed cabinet.

Mosaic Appaloosa Mosaic Appaloosa
Bob Coonts
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/3601

Eye-catching piece in the artist's signature style of abstract using bold colors. Mosaic Appaloosa is a high gloss model with a design that flows from the nose to the tail. At first glance the design can appear somewhat gaudy but as you study this piece you'll see the ebb and flow of the brightly colored markings. Initially at it's release this was not a popular model but now has become one of the most sought after of the entire line. Cracking of the base has been reported which is a shame due to the rarity and value of this piece. Because it is a ceramic shipping should be kept to a minimum and displayed only behind glass for protection.

Renewal of Life Renewal of Life
Natasha Isenhour
Retired January 2007
Last Model # 5E/1202

Renewal of Life is a beautifully flowing work of art. The misty colors blend and contrast as do the hues of the sky which it represents. Not a high gloss piece, more a muted gloss...not matte. The colors add texture and depth to the piece not found on many of the ceramics so this one is well worth the investment. Another ceramic, so display with care.

Unity Unity
Georges Monfils
Retired September 2004
Last Model # 2E/1945

Nicely done, high gloss piece with striking Native Americans in detail on the body. Stark white face and legs blend into a soft yellow background. This model was popular and in high demand from it's debut and now commands a high price if you can find one. The legs of this piece are fragile so wrap if you must ship. Display with care behind glass.

Rosie the Apparoosa Rosie the Apparoosa
Marianne Hornbuckle
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/0577

Glossy model with a modest gray background covered with a multitude of colorful roses. The detail on the blossoms is lovely, soft and serene. A perfect design for the standing mold. Rosie was always a successful seller but has become more and more popular since her retirement. Unfortunately this is another model with fragile legs so wrap with care. Displays best in a lighted cabinet behind glass.

On Common Ground On Common Ground
Patricia Wyatt
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 3E/4906

Brightly colored model with a deep turquoise background covered with Native American figures. Nice use of the structure of the horse in extending the figures down the legs and up the neck. Sturdy model that never presented with any problems right out of the box. Should be displayed under lights behind glass.

Give Me Wings Give Me Wings
Kathy Morrow
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 3E/7462

Eye-catching piece decorated with the bold colors of the American flag. Stark white stars sweep down the neck flowing into red and white strips that cover the body of the model and extend down the tail. Spirited blue hooves and red socks show off the glossy tan body of the piece. Nicely done eyes give the face character. Give Me Wings suffers from chipping of the paint, particularly on the tail. Handle this model with care, dusting only when necessary. Another ceramic so display in a lighted cabinet.

Go Van Gogh Go Van Gogh
Star Liana York
Retired February 2005
Last Model # 2E/3200

One of the more whimsical pieces featuring Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on the side of the model. The beret and missing ear of the head variation is a tribute to the Dutch master as well. The finish is matte with a luster that showcases the deep swirls of the famous painting. An artist's pallet rests on the base of the piece complete with paint brush. Go Van Gogh is a resin so pretty sturdy and comes out of the box with little or no problems. An interesting quirk of this model is a few of them will be missing the "Vincent" that appears on the front side of the pony. It is not considered a flaw. Because of it's coloring it should be displayed under lighting.

Happy Trails Happy Trails
Nevena Christi
Retired July 2009
Last Model # 8E/7517

Pretty Palomino decked out in vintage western tack but with a twist, his coat is made to look like hand tooled leather. Colorful turquoise saddle blanket makes this model a stand out. Four white socks as well as a white mane and tail add to the appeal of this piece. Happy Trails presents with a few minor problems, mainly the rope attached to the saddle will come loose but it's easily fixed. This model appeals to most collectors as well as impulse buyers and makes a great gift.

Sequintial: A Sequine Sequintial: A Sequine
Nancy Fleming
Retired September 2004
Last Model # 2E/0800

Lovely, lovely model that features one of the more unique textures in the line. The piece is made to look as if it is covered with iridescent and multi- colored sequins. Glittery gold mane, tail and hooves show off the truly unique use of color and texture of the model. The colorful saddle blanket features a beautiful patterned design that is quite eye-catching. Sequintial was never a favorite among collectors and buyers before retirement but has since become more and more sought after. Sturdy piece that comes right out of the box with no problems.

Quarter Horse Quarter Horse
Kathy Morawski
Retired September 2004
Last Model # 2E/6800

Another uniquely textured pony by a wonderfully talented artist. The contours and images of the quarter cover the model with an unusual flowing look, in particular the eagle's wings that appear to flow into the mane and tail of the piece. The silver patina give it an aged look and the appearance of being made of metal. Quarter Horse is one of the most sought after retired pieces and commands a pretty quarter if you can find that coveted first edition. The model presents with absolutely no problems right out of the box. Display under lighting in a glass cabinet.

Vi's Violet Vision Vi's Violet vision
Mister E
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 3E/9282

Vi is the first carousel horse of the entire line and by far the most striking. Interesting raised lavendar designs on the model add to the appearance of motion as does the running mold it is done on. The saddle is trimmed in lavendar while the seat is a pretty shade of pink. The piece is widely appealing because it's not too frilly but more elegant, like the carousel horses of the last century. The golden pole is held securely in the model itself so presents no problems with breakage or slippage. Overall a wonderful edition to not only a Painted Pony collection but a carousel collection as well.

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