The Trail of Painted Ponies
Series Fourteen ~ Released Summer & Holiday 2009
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The fourteenth herd sauntered out of the gate to a muted reception. The few exceptional ponies, unfortunately, got mixed in with a few duds in both the regular ponies and the Christmas offerings. The long touted "Native American" series, that is not to be, was merged with this herd. They are the standouts along with Maria Ryan's bold Native Essence. The spectacular flop is Twilight Fairy Pony, despite those wings that Katie finds so charming. Pick and choose wisely among this herd's horses.

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2009.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box with a picture of both the pony and the story tag on the short end side of the box.
  • The only pony I can confirm as a life size model is Dream Horse.
  • The ponies still in production will be "remanufactured" by Enesco.

Thunder Horse Thunder Horse
Barbara Brown
Retired February 2010
Last Model # 1E/7104

A high gloss ceramic piece, this pony appears flat and disjointed somewhat. The base color of the pony is a dark sky blue with a dark brown ground like lower half with pointed peaks, extending from mid-barrel to the rump then down the back legs. An odd blue band circles each back leg with blue dots sprinkling down to the hoof. An orange-red thunderbolt strikes from the back down towards the front legs. The point of the thunderbolt is large and brown patterned. A constellation of stars covers the rump. Raindrops drip from the neck and small white dots, maybe snowflakes are scattered on the neck and face. The mane and tail are black as are the forelock and muzzle. This piece does not flow and would perhaps be better suited on the standing mold. Thunder presents with no known problems. Display under indirect lighting to avoid light glare and away from darker ponies.

Dream Horse Dream Horse
Janee Hughes
Retired July 2011
Last Model # 3E/2153

Dream Horse has been one of the most requested ponies since the line began. The piece appears in the first Trail of Painted Ponies book and has had collectors clamoring for it ever since. Finally the high gloss ceramic makes her debut and wow, she's a beauty. A pretty white base pony with a spring green meadow, blue summer sky and a celestial mane offer the perfect backdrop for the little pony-tailed girl lying in the grass reading about, what else, ponies. A rainbow of colored horses prance their way across the withers, up the neck and across the back. The mane and lower part of the tail are sprinkled with stars, all four hooves are shiny black, the muzzle a dark gray almost black with a black forelock and dark eyes. Arguably, Dream Horse is the best piece by Janee Hughes and a must for any collection. The model presents with no known problems. Display under indirect lighting to avoid glare on the gloss. She pairs wonderfully with Fantastic Fillies.

Spirit of the Seasons Spirit of the Seasons - Pueblo Tribe
Caroline Carpio
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 1E/7700

One of the more interesting pieces to come out in a while, Seasons is a flat white piece with uniquely shaped patches of mud brown scattered over the pony. Each patch is adorned with a raised white symbol that is outlined in black which represents one of the four seasons. The detail is quite nice however the continuation of the mud brown into the symbols themselves is a bit incongrous. The mane and tail are both in the brown as are the ears and the forelock. The eyes are detailed with more raised designs that do not work well here, leaving the eyes odd looking at best. Black and white lightning bolts are placed on the mane and down the tail. The base is kidney shaped in the brown with a wood look texture. An authentic representation of a Native American pot rests on the front of the base in an attractive clay like orange coloring. It is etched in the Kiva step pattern. The most common problem with Spirit of the Seasons is a broken pot which cannot reasonably be repaired. Display this piece carefully, direct lighting tends to cause a nasty clash between the body colors while indirect lighting washes the pony out.

Keeper of the Sacred Fire Keeper of the Sacred Fire - Potawatomi Tribe
Cheryl A. Harris
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 1E/9268

Keeper marks the debut of Cheryl Harris to the Trail line. A beautiful piece, richly detailed and colored. The base pony is a lovely blood bay with black mane, tail and hooves. Graceful, raised lines in a light reddish orange and light blue flow from the neck and rump of the pony down to the withers. An elaborate black,silver and dark blue saddle blanket topped with a lighter blue patterned sash rests on the back. The pony is wearing a light blue halter with thin pieces of twine attached. The same arrangement of twine are also attached through the tail. A long, trailing sash in the same light blue color and pattern of the saddle piece is draped across the raised right foreleg of the model and continues down the base to the right rear hoof. The piece is also wearing legs wraps, again in the light blue with the twine ties. The base is blue topped and black edged. It should be noted that with the exception of the twine pieces all other adornments on this piece are sculpted resin. Problems may be noted, especially twine issues or the occasional broken resin sash on the base. Display under direct lighting to bring out that blood bay coat.

Crow Fair Pony Crow Fair Pony - Crow Tribe
Sonja Caywood
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 1E/7500

Another unique Native American piece, Crow Fair is an impressive blend of both color and imagery. The singular focal point is the visage of the warrior on the face of the pony including a detailed eye, the headband as the head piece and the black feathers flowing back down the neck. The light blue pony face works surprisingly well with the deep mahogany of the warrior's skin. The light blue continues down the neck and shoulder, then abruptly changes with a demarking line to a bruised purple that flows into lovely sunset shades of yellow and orange as it flows to the rump. Meticulously detailed flags and ponies parade across the side of the piece in stark whites with black points while symbols of the Crow Fair are scattered back towards the tail. The tail itself is black with stark white feathers blended in the strands. The flowing color scheme continues down each leg of the model ending in different shades of yellow and orange for each hoof. The back legs sports leg bands of yellow with black designs. The base is black. Crow Fair is surely worth a close study as it has much to offer in symbolic significance. The piece presents with no known issues. Display under direct lighting and perhaps paired with War Pony to offset each other.

Zuni Silver Pony Zuni Silver Pony - Zuni Tribe
Lynn Bean
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 1E/7500

A bold piece, incorporating the starkness of black and white with the jeweled tones of turquoise and silver. The top half of the base pony is white, with the bottom half being black and the legs entirely colored silver. The color changes are abrupt, with absolutely no blending, an interesting change for the artist, Lynn Bean. The Zuni imagery on this pony are simply stunning and include Rainbow Man, the Thunderbird and a Dragonfly. Each image is' created for the eye using the inlaid look & color of turquoise, silver, coral and pearl. Rainbow Man, resting across the back and flank is particularly detailed, but really, all the images are amazing. The face of the pony is white with detailed eyes and a soft gray muzzle. At first glance it appears this design would work much better on the running mold but I have changed my initial assessment and feel the standing mold does indeed work here. Give this pony that close inspection it merits. Zuni presents with no known issues. Displays best under direct lighting.

Twilight Fairy Pony Twilight Fairy Pony
Kathy Post
Retired February 2010
Last Model # 1E/7500

Okay, she has wings, but wings do not save this pony. The base pony is gray, an armadillo gray actually, and yes it's supposed to be Twilight but still, gray? Pretty yellow and white daisies that are too large are scattered about the neck and embellish the purple sash breast collar and rump band. The saddle piece itself is in the shape of an even larger daisy while the white blanket is a tad ruffled, somewhat like a tutu. Green curlicue vines twine around from each daisy and down the flanks. The legs are wrapped in pink ribbons, like a ballerina's. The tail also has a pink ribbon tied around it with a medium sized bow at the top. The hooves are sparkly pink and the eyes are black with daisy petal eyelashes. The muzzle is a darker gray. And those wings...those plastic, transparent, slightly textured pink wings. The base is black. Twilight presents with issues, mainly those pesky wings. They break, they come off, they are crooked and they are ugly. The bow on the tail can also be broken during packing and shipping. Displaying under direct lighting seems to help the gray of the pony somewhat but makes the wings appear even more gaudy so, use your best judgement as to where and how you display this piece.

Addendum: The artist of this pony was appalled at the finished figurine. It had been altered horribly from her original design without her knowledge or permission. The story tag was also changed without permission. Please visit this artist's website for a peek at Twilight as she was meant to be. Kathy L. Post

Native Essence Native Essence
Maria Ryan
Retired February 2010
Last Model # 1E/7500

Onward to Maria Ryan's superb Native Essence. The trademark bold use of color & texture style of this artist really shines on this piece. The vivid gold of the face coupled with the stark white muzzle instantly draws your attention and leads your eyes on a journey following the prominent, flowing lines of the design. From the green, blue, gold and yellow stripes of the neck the rivers of color flow into the golden fetish bear on the side and flank. A yellow swirled sun rests on the shoulder of the piece above startling orange front legs and silver hooves. The orange and red strokes continue down the lower barrel of the pony and under the bear to the rump. Deep Pacific blue, along with silver and taupe are the colors of the back legs, above silver hooves. Each ankle is encircled in red and white designs. The fetish bear itself also has traditional symbols such as the lightning bolt and a hand print. The mane and tail of this pony are deep indigo blue. The base is black with a large, boldly colored feather resting between the hooves. Native is a high gloss resin that presents with no problems. Display under indirect lighting to avoid glare, particularly on the yellow fetish bear.

Noel Noel
Karlynn Keyes & Bryn Wilkins Lawson - TOPP
Retired November 2010
Last Model # 1E/9132

A unique mold was created for this piece. The pony itself is a bit awkward looking but charming nonetheless. A pretty cream colored, perhaps off white model with a lovely golden mane and tail that are sprinkled with tiny green and red ornaments. The bridle is a patterned red and white with gold reins, the saddle has the matching red and white pattern on the sides with a white top. A shiny green sash that is fringed in the red/white pattern and sports hanging red and green tassles encircles the pony's chest and rump. A pretty red ribbon and bow are atop the tail. The hooves are golden. The rocking base is actually quite nicely done. The red, white and green pattern is again continued on the base, here as the resting place for the small stack of green, red and golden wrapped presents that are under the pony. The sides of the rocking base are cream colored, trimmed in red and decorated with the pony's name, "Noel" along with twin flanking sprigs of holly. Overall a nice holiday edition to the collection. Since it's so new I've not yet heard of any problems with this model but will keep readers updated if I do. Displays best under direct lighting year round or in a nice mantle display during the holidays.

Dashing Through The Snow Dashing Through The snow
TOPP - Karlynn Keyes & Bryn Wilkins Lawson
Retired July 2012
Last Model #

This pony is a slight variant of the old Clydesdale mold I suspect. The mane and tail have been tweaked, added some fullness, and the hooves have been slightly raised and shuffled but I truly think this is the same mold. It has the same odd body type that is not true to the draft horse form. The body color is a softly dappled gray and white, the mane, tail, forelock and hoof feathers are all a soft off white. The bridle and saddle are red with white snowflake embellishments, including the front and back girth straps. The reins are red with dangling jingle bells and the tail sports a long red ribbon tied in a bow at the top. Silver balls tip the ends of the ribbon. Each feathered hoof has a red boot with white snowflakes on it. The mane is topped along the ridge with large, upright snowflakes. A mistake in my opinion, they detract from the symmetry of the model. The base is white textured, simulating snow. The only known issue at this time are those bells, they can come off but are easily reattached with a touch of glue. Display year round under direct lighting and in a pretty display with Christmas Clydesdale during the Yuletide.

Starlight Starlight
Ann Yarbrough
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 1E/6500

Starlight marks the sparkling debut of Ann Yarbrough and boy does she shine! An enchanting running mold white pony truly shines beneath her glittering, golden and silver blanket of stars. Her mane, tail and forelock are all dazzling in their golden glitter as well. The hooves are all silver. The base is covered in golden glitter on the top and dark blue on the edges. A beautiful pony in it's simplicity and charm and certainly a wonderful edition to any pony collection as well as Christmas collection. The piece presents with some glitter loss but overall has no problems. Displays best under direct, yes, direct lighting as she does not glare for some reason. Also looks radiant in a tabletop holiday display next to Big Red and/or Poinsettia Pony.

Christmas Parade Christmas Parade
Devon Archer
Retired November 2010
Last Model # 1E/7828

This piece marks the holiday debut of Devon Archer who has previously brought only Native American pieces to the line. Christmas Parade is typical of the traditional parade colors and busyness of the holidays but it's a bit too much for this model. The pony itself is a very pretty palomino with the standard white mane and tail of the breed. A green holly sprig with a red ribbon hangs from the side of the head, while a green, red and white scarf encircles the neck and trails down to the front leg. A large red ball ornament hangs from the scarf up by the withers. A dark red, slightly sparkly red sash rests across the back from which hangs a green wreath that is sprinkled with small red berries. Crossed candy canes tied with a green bow are on the hip with another holly sprig tied with a red ribbon resting on the back by the tail. The piece is wearing knee high red boots with white furry tops. The face features detailed eyes and a large bunch of holly hanging from the muzzle. Christmas Parade does have issues, mainly the wreaths arrive either broken or chipped and are impossible to repair discreetly. Display under direct lighting or in a centerpiece so you can blend it with other ornaments or ponies.

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