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Series Eleven ~ Released Winter 2008

Series eleven is a very good showing, not stellar, but still much better than the past few offerings. Lori Musil's Twilight Hunters delivered the goods as the most anticipated pony and the marked return of Bob Coonts with Prairie Horizon helped boost the series quite a bit. The Trail's first unicorn canters onto the scene with this group as well. Really, not a single off-kilter piece in this herd.

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2008.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box.
  • I can only confirm that Crazy Horse and Indian Summer were made into life sized models.
  • All four of the ponies still in production should continue to be available for some time to come as "remanufactured" ponies with Enesco.

Serenity Serenity
La Marr
Retired December 2009
Last Model # 2E/7624

Lovely high gloss piece reminiscent of the elegance of long ago England. Delicate Coventry Blue embroidery twines around the pony, conforming to the running mold shape beautifully. The lace like strands extend down the legs, up the neck and create an intriguing "mask" for the face of the piece. The mane and tail are colored a pretty shade of irridescent blue as are the legs from the knees down to the darker blue hooves. The base is white topped, dark blue edging with additional lacey strands entwined around the model's hooves. Serenity has enjoyed immense popularity among both pony collectors as well as china dinnerware collectors, especially the Blue Willow fanciers. She presents with no problems. Display under indirect light to avoid any glare from the glossy ceramic.

Prairie Horizon Prairie Horizon
Bob Coonts
Retired December 2009
Last Model # 2E/7624

Finally, another offering from Bob Coonts, the creator of Mosaic. Prairie is another stylized and colorful interpretation of the Appaloosa. Using his signature style of bold colors, geometric shapes, circles and triangles, Coonts has created a unique pony worthy of that second look. The horizon line encircles the horse, with trees, grass and water below and flowing down the legs of the piece. Circular spots contain more spots giving this Appy a truly individual look. A stark black mane offset the wonderful colors as does the white spotted face and intense black eyes. Black hooves and base complete the piece. The model presents with no problems. A high gloss ceramic, display with care under muted lighting. Or, if safety allows, consider displaying this piece out of the cabinet and on a tabletop.

Twilight Hunters Twilight Hunters
Lori Musil
Still in production

The most anticipated pony of this herd, Twilight is another Lori Musil treasure in her signature style of blended images. Graceful gray wolves frolic and howl across the model with muzzles lifted in song. Sparkling white and pale blue snow coat the legs of the piece. The base is swirled with whites and blues in lovely shades. As with all of Lori's ponies, this one warrants close study to uncover the ingenious images of the wolves that flow along the running mold. Twilight presents with no problems. Display under direct lighting to bring out that sparkling snow.

Dream Walker Dream Walker
Ben Wright
Retired January 2010
Last Model # 2E/6201

Handsome blood bay model featuring a large Native American portrait on the withers with head dress feathers extending over the back and barrel of the pony. The color scheme of this model is intriguing and at first glance appears out of sync, but it works, helping to define the muscles of the piece. The contrasting textures accentuate the colors and designs, especially the small scattered golden stars and wavy line that travels down the side of the rump and back legs of the piece. The mane and tail are just a tad darker than the rest of the body. The hooves are a cream color. The base is a desert like sand with hard pan cracks. Dream Walker presents with no problems. Display under direct lighting to bring out the nuances of color.

Crazy Horse Crazy Horse
CJ Wells
Retired December 2009
Last Model # 2E/5416

A bold piece on the standing mold featuring an imagined visage of Crazy Horse, the Lakota chief who defeated General George Custer. Glossy black offsets quite nicely the crimson cape that is spread across most of the body of the piece. The warrior's detailed face and black hair is imposed on a pale blue sky. Feathers, oddly enough, extend in an arching line from the cape up to the base of the pony's head. The black tail is white spotted. The piece has four white socks and black hooves. The face of the horse is a smokey white with a darker muzzle and light eyes. Crazy Horse is still a moderately popular piece among collectors. The piece presents with no problems. Display under indirect lighting in order to avoid glare on the high gloss.

Wish Upon A Star Wish Upon A Star
Star Liana York
Still in production

A unicorn with a twist, the traditional sparkling white horse has a mane and tail in a pretty shade of lavendar. The golden horn matches the trailing roses and ribbons nestled in the mane and tail. A delicate vine of flowers and leaves encircle the neck and a subtle vine of a halter criss crosses the face. The hooves are gold. The base is black with stars scattered among the pony's hooves. It should be noted that the mane and tail are a variant, with added, raised texture and defined strands. The horn can break off and occasionally a flower will be lacking paint. Display under direct lighting in a cabinet or in a herd of other unicorns and magical creatures. Wish is popular with collectors of all things mystical as well as pony people.

Indian Summer Indian Summer
Buddy Tubinaghtewa
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 3E/0156

A colorful pony featuring Hopi symbols that signify rain and a successful harvest. Not quite using a blended image technique since the images are segregated somewhat by bold lines and geometric shapes but similiar and deserving of closer scrutiny. For instance the turquoise ear of corn following the curve of the neck and the bright white round flower resting of the curving backside of the piece are perfect examples of this unusual style. A brown four cornered tablet rest across the back where the saddle blanket would be is another. The four legs are different colors with spots and flowers flowing down them. The face has intricate symbols on either side. Black hooves complete the piece. The base is a sandstone with darker symbols etched on the sides. A no muss, no fuss model that presents no problems right out of the box. Display under direct lighting.

Trail of Honor Trail of Honor
Devon Archer
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 3E/2046

Another intricate piece from Devon Archer. A stark white pony decorated with traditional Plains Indians symbols including the lightning bolt and the red circle around the horse's eye. The symbols are all painted in red with a yellow band matching the red on the bolt. A blue resin coverlet drapes the horse and is adorned with the insignia of each branch of the US Military. On one side of the pony stands an American Flag and on the other an Eagle Staff, symbolically joining the two nations. Stiff feathers stand out all along the side of the staff. Oddly, three feathers also stick straight out from the tail of the piece and several rest on the arch of the tail. A single feather dangles from the muzzle. The hooves are a blood red, the base is black. The feathers can be a problem as they are stiff so break or bend easily and getting them reattached is a bit tricky. This is a moving piece, no question of that, but many collectors have complained that more and more of the models are becoming "too busy", basically over-embellished for no reason, and this model is brought up as an example of that. Display with care and protect those pesky feathers.

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