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Series One ~ Released Winter 2003

The first Trail of Painted Ponies herd released was a stunner. Two of the most popular pieces of the series, Motorcycle Mustang and War Pony, are still in production many years later which attests to their popularity. The appeal of this series is the sheer randomness of it, I suspect. It has a pony for everyone from the fiercely bold signature piece, War Pony, done by Native American artist Rance Hood to the more whimsical Boot Scootin' Horsey by Carla Slusher. Who knew models could be named Five Card Stud and really sport playing cards on them? And that a wildfire could be imposed on a model horse and still look cool? This first series started out a bit slow but finally hit it's stride and has never looked back.

  • The first 3,600 of the resin ponies in this series were manufactured and sold without an edition number. These Pre 1E ponies will only have a line number, no edition number. They are highly sought after models that fetch a high price on the after market.
  • The first resin ponies with the edition numbers will be 1E/3601 for this series.
  • All ponies will have the item number and pony's name stamped on the bottom of the base.
  • For this series the artist's name is not printed on the bottom of the base.
  • TOPP was not yet incorporated so they are labeled as an LLC on the base.
  • All of the resins will be have their edition numbers stamped on them, the line number is hand written.
  • All of the ceramics will have both edition and line numbers hand written.
  • 1E ponies will all read Westland, "Made in China" on the base.
  • The copyright date is 2003.
  • Series One ponies that were manufactured and released before or sometime during 2005 should be in a black box IF the box is the original that the pony was sold in.
  • It should be noted that all twelve of these ponies were originally cast in the life-sized mold and then created as a figurine.
  • Motorcyle Mustang and War Pony will continue to be produced for some time as "remanufactured" ponies by Enesco.

Motorcycle Mustang Motorcycle Mustang
David Losoya
Still in production

Glossy black piece decked out in chrome and leather motorcyle gear. Unique points include goggles, saddlebags and tag on the backside as well as fiery strips on the mane, tail and base. Watch for broken rein chains and small black inserts that come out of the saddle piece. Overall a sturdy piece that ships well with few problems right out of the box. Display under indirect lighting to avoid glare off the chrome.

War Pony War Pony
Rance Hood
Still in production

Beautiful leopard appaloosa. Unique points include war shield, spear, rough textured saddle blanket and interesting blue eyes. The sand like base of the piece has a cow skull between the hooves of the horse. The biggest problem with this piece is the spear, it tends to either slip out of it's slot or break. Breakage usually occurs when removing the model from the box so pull it out of the styrofoam carefully. War Pony is the signature piece of the line & will always be one of the most popular models. For an eyepopping display sit War Pony on a riser then surround with other Native American pieces. Make sure your lighting is direct.

Fireman Pony Fireman Pony
Dwayne & Ginger Ulibarri
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 3E/8046

Dun colored spotted model that sports a red fireman's hat, yellow slicker and black boots. A fireman's ax is inserted in the slicker. A fire hydrant is on the base of the model with a fire hose that extends up to the horse's mouth. A cute orange carrot is on the base. This is a pretty sturdy model that presents with few problems except that pesky fire hose and the helmet straps. The fire hose will sometimes be loose from the mouth of the model and the helmet strap is vulnerable to breakage. Display Fireman Pony under lighting in a closed cabinet.

Boot Scootin' Horsey Boot Scootin' Horsey
Carla Slusher
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/4520

Golden colored model wearing jeans and a jean shirt as well as a belt and a neck kerchief. A black cowboy hat and blue & black patterned boots completes his outfit. The base is made to look like rough hewn wood giving the piece a nice western effect. Boot Scootin' Horsey is a much sought after piece and commands some of the higher prices of the line, especially the first editions. This is a no muss, no fuss model that has no problems that I'm aware of. Display under lighting in a closed cabinet.

Karuna Karuna
Ali MacGraw
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/3488

Karuna is a sanskrit word that loosely translates to "compassionate action". This is an interestingly textured piece in a sunny yellow color. The model has small sparkles embedded in the body and a multicolored saddle blanket and halter. Karuna is popular among collectors despite it's short production run and fairly plain appearance. I've encountered no problems with this model right out of the box. Handle with care due to it's value and display in a closed cabinet under direct lighting.

Caballo Brillante Caballo Brillante
Roger Montoya
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 5E/4734

Striking mosaic tiled piece in beautiful blues, greens and purples. The texture is rough as though the tiles are all individually placed. This is a popular piece for the table top among impulse buyers as well as serious collectors. It displays best in a lighted cabinet or out in the open. Absolutely no problems with this model right out of the box.

Wildfire Wildfire
Gerri Matson
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/9117

Uniquely beautiful piece with alterations to the model itself including a jagged look to both the mane and tail. Glossy black undercoat with burnt tree silhouettes superimposed on a red background reaching up to yellowish orange flames. The top of the mane and back are ash colored symbolizing fire devastation. Detailed face of red and yellow colors with striking eyes. Wildfire is a rare, highly sought after piece. This model is ceramic so handle with care and seriously consider only displaying it in an enclosed cabinet. Indirect lighting is best due to the high gloss.

Five Card Stud Five Card Stud
Gerri Matson
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 5E/1533

Wonderfully unusual variation of the standing model with playing cards being crafted as the mane. Glossy black undercoat decorated with gambling designs and cards. Never a very popular model with collectors it is still mostly available even though now retired. This model presents with no problems that I'm aware of however being ceramic shipping & displaying outside of a cabinet is always a risk.

Route 66 Route 66
Ellen Sokoloff
Retired July 2005
Last Model # 4E/1107

An interesting model designed around the famous American highway, Route 66. The body is decorated with a collage of trivia including sign posts, wildlife, antique car and trailer. The ears and frame of the model's face is done in silver or a chrome like tint giving the model a nice touch. Route 66 has never been one of the more popular models of this series which is a shame, it's unique and worth taking a good look at. Again, a ceramic, so handle & display with care.

Lightning Bolt Colt Lightning Bolt Colt
Dyanne Strongbow
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 8E/1592

Absolutely stunning piece featuring a glossy blue background with bright white clouds on the body and lightning bolts running down the legs and cloud to cloud. The head and neck are nicely textured with a pale golden color fading into a white muzzle. The running mold is perfectly suited for this artist's interpretation of a summer thunder storm. Another ceramic so handle and display with care.

Spirit War Pony Spirit War Pony
Retired February 2005
Last Model # 3E/8478

Boldly colored, glossy turquoise model with brightly colored accents. The piece appears to be wearing striped pj's, unintentionally I suspect. I have always been of the opinion that this model would be much better suited to the running mold. Please weigh in if you differ with me! This model is popular with collectors, first editions being highly sought after. There have been problems with the decals on Spirit being wrinkled during production, most likely from trying to wrap them to fit the form of the horse. Spirit War Pony is a ceramic so handle and display with care.

Navajo Blanket Pony Navajo Blanket Pony
Barbara Tomasko Quimby
Retired March 2004
Last Model # 2E/7742

Navajo was inspired by the artistry of colorful weavings of thread on a loom by the Navajo tribe. The color and design is an incorporation of "day and night, of deserts flat and mountains height." The color and design are both bold and intricate, perfectly suited for this standing mold. This glossy piece is a collector's favorite and always in high demand. I've had problems shipping this model with breakage occuring of the legs so wrap them before shipping. Display with care in a lighted cabinet away from curious paws and fingers.

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