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The Trail of Painted Ponies collectors are a creative bunch to be sure, just have a look at the wonderful ways they display their treasured ponies. They are also a varied group with some collecting only the Native American ponies while others limit their collections to only the ceramic pieces. Whatever they collect and however they choose to display them, Painted Pony aficionados have a style and flare that more than matches their collections.

Karen's Display

Karen's Painted Ponies Display

A beautiful display featuring a glass backed, lighted cabinet with hinged glass doors and glass shelves.

Notice the eclectic grouping, particularly in respect to pony coloring, which works extremely well for this display. The Native American ponies look lovely together and are artfully arranged so as not to clash, which can be a difficult endeavor. The focal pony on shelf two, Fallen Heroes Memorial Pony, adds depth to the entire shelf and allows the running forms of the other ponies to flow around it. The ornament tree on shelf four adds a unique touch, particularly since the other inhabitants of the shelf are the four seasons ponies. This collector has chosen to array her ponies in a more circular positioning group, different from the traditional line arrangement, and absolutely amazing in it's balance. Overall a excellent display of Painted Ponies.

Special thanks to the owner for allowing me to post her display.

Tamara's DisplayTamara's Display

Tamara's Painted Ponies Display

A truly unique set of displays that have the appearance of being inset into the wall but are actually more of a shadow box design. The outer framing creates a tip top shelf for a particularly prized pony. The open, airy design as well as the shallow glass shelving allows in more than enough light through the glass doors. And those wonderful focal wall colors offset the units perfectly.

Again, the somewhat arbitrary grouping works for all of this collector's displays. What could easily have been a somewhat boring marching line of Painted Ponies is instead a gentle ebb and flow of dazzling color and design. Note the placement of the mixed genres, paying particular attention to the Holiday ponies, as they appear scattered throughout the herd. A surprising choice but a clever one nonetheless. Also note the pony's nose direction of each shelf, in particular that the directions are not alternating from shelf to shelf, but rather haphazard. This forces the observer to slowly examine the individual models.

Tamara's DisplayTamara's Display

Oh, that we could all have floor to ceiling windows with a marvelous display of Painted Ponies as a focal point! The natural lighting absolutely makes this single simple display alive and vibrant. The triple display again features the arbitrary grouping with the exception of the single models on the third and sixth shelves. I find it interesting that the collector chose three ponies with definite flowing qualities for the sixth shelf but on the third shelf the center section is occupied by Phoenix, who is perhaps the most drastically altered pony form of all. It's unconventional, but it works. Another outstanding display of Painted Ponies.

Please visit Tamara's website for a wide selection of horse supplies and, of course, Painted Ponies!
The Tack Barn

Special thanks to the owner for allowing me to post her display.

Charlotte's Display            Charlotte's Display

Charlotte's Painted Ponies Display

This collector displays not only her pizzazz but her bravery too. A daring, open faced set of massive cabinets with solid wood backing and adjustable shelving. I say daring because the majority of collectors favor closed cabinets which while safe, can detract from the overall display due to both reflection and glare.

This diverse mixture of Painted Ponies figurines, both large and regular, busts and ornaments happily share shelf space in a wondrous display. While the ceramics dominant this collection they don't overwhelm, which they can given their high gloss nature. Instead they offset in a terrific flanking stance the large focal figurines that occupy the center shelves. Depth is achieved by having the ornament trees strategically placed. Painted Pony busts were never a popular collectible, probably due more to their size than anything else, so they can be a challenge to work into a display scheme. In this particular arrangement the open cabinet works to their advantage because they are not crowded among the smaller figurines. Charlotte has chosen to arrange those coveted ceramics by form rather than genre which to me, makes such an interesting presentation. Holiday ponies canter alongside Fillies and Roses while Route 66 stands with Unity and Wildfire. Gotta love that flair!

And it must be noted that a few one of a kind custom ponies hold center court in this high powered exhibit.

Special thanks to the owner for allowing me to post her display. Please vist Charlotte's website for more photos of her display.
Charlotte's Web Page

Carmel's Collection

Carmel's Painted Ponies Display

A genuinely unconventional way to display your ponies!

This collector favors the minimalist approach. Notice the random color pattern of boxes with the coveted black box ponies strategically placed between Westland and Enesco boxes. Of special note should be the daring sideways as well as upside down boxes. The flanking stack cleverly offsets the third row grouping and continues to the back of the display. A towering rise of uprights nicely balances the far end. A glimple of raised and rearing hooves gives the observer a hint of freely roaming ponies on the shelves to the right. I have never seen a collection that exhibits this much avant-garde. Perhaps it should be noted that Carmel is Australian, and thus such displays may well be the norm "Down Under".

A special thank you to the owner for allowing me to post her display.

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