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The Celebrity Collection

The Celebrity Collection kicked off in 2009. Each piece in this collection will be designed or inspired by a celebrity. It remains to be seen if this will be a successful endeavor. Initially there was to be at least one new release per year but 2011 saw no new model for this series.

  • All of these figurines will have a brass name plate on the front of the base.
  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base. The Trail's designation is Inc.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The Enesco logo is stamped on as well.
  • The copyright dates will be different, please see the information below for the correct year.
  • These ponies will all come in a crimson box with a picture of the pony on the front and a write-up by the Trail on the back.
  • Shiloh was made into a life sized model.
  • All of these ponies are still in production.

Tony Curtis
Retired July 2012
Last Model #

Shiloh, designed by the late Tony Curtis, is covered with the actor's cat paintings. The piece is done in primary colors and is a bit primitive. It is done on the beloved standing mold. The front side features all different kitties in various reclining poses with a green and beige figure prominantly displayed on the barrel. The rump as a bright red feline with a yellow heartshaped design on her backside. The flip side has a cute black and white pair of cats on the neck and withers with a yellow cat on the rump. The background appears to be a beach scene. The tail has a palm tree painted on it with the fronds fanned across the top of the rump. The head and face are somewhat plain with simple blue and red banding and a floral nose. The legs are a bit stipey. The model is a high gloss as is the black base. Inset in the top of the base, between the front and rear hooves is a five sided brass star engraved with the actor's name, "Tony Curtis". Shiloh is out of the box with no problems. Use indirect lighting to display.

All proceeds from the sale of Shiloh will go to benefit the Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. Click here for more information. "Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary"

Additionally, the copyright designation on Shiloh is as follows: 2009 The Trail of Painted Ponies, Inc. Curtis Enterprises Inc.

Barbara Eden
Still in production

Dreamcatcher is a pink and gold walking mold piece. The base coat color is a matte white, not quite flat. A large pink sculpted resin saddle seat and flang covers the entire back and sides of the pony. The seat is an exaggerated front and back rise that is edged in a textured gold chain like resin. Each side of long fenders features a raised resin webbed dreamcatcher that is outlined in gold with inset clear and pink rhinestones. The back flap of the flang has gold raised resin swirls inset with clear stones. The entire saddle flang is again edged in the textured gold. Three plastic tassles dangle from the bottom of each side. The mane and tail are both decorated with the golden swirls and inset pink and clear stones. A smaller dreamcatcher, indentical to the one on the saddle piece, is positioned on the chest. A gold toned plastic tassle dangles from the bottom of this dreamcatcher. Two gold chains are attached to the dreamcatcher and loop around the neck. The head has a gold, scuplted resin bridle with a forehead piece the extends from the head stall to the nose piece. The reins are a single gold chain loop. Yet more of those terribly tacky tassles dangle from each side of the bridle. The muzzle and ears show just a tad bit of gray shading. The hooves are all gold. The base is the exact pink of the saddle with an inset, five sided star between the front and read hooves. The star is engraved with the actor's name, "Barbara Eden". The star is encircled with gold, raised resin that has clear stones set at the four "corners." Dreamcatcher presents with problems, most notably those dangling tassles. They come out at the least provocation. Use a drop or two of super glue to secure them. Also, those rhinestones come out and are devilishly hard to reattach without making a mess with glue. Place this piece under indirect lighting and leave it alone. Dust with extreme care.

All profits from the sale of Dreamcatcher supports breast cancer awareness, research and treatment.

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