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Series Six ~ Released Summer & Holiday 2005

The sixth herd is another middle of the road offering. A couple of promising pieces did not deliver as expected, most notably Fallen Heroes Memorial Pony. This group came and went with very little notice unfortunately, including the four Christmas ponies. A truly humorous aspect of this herd is Deck the Halls. I have never seen or heard of any pony that invokes more loathing or loyalty than this piece. Just ask Holly...

  • All ponies will have the artist's name stamped on the base along with the edition number.
  • The Trail's designation is Inc. "Handcrafted in China" is also stamped on the base.
  • There should be no hand written information on any of these ponies.
  • The copyright date is 2005.
  • These ponies will all come in a red box.
  • All of the regular run ponies of this series were made into life size models. None of the Christmas ponies were.
  • All of these ponies are now retired.

Horsefeathers Horsefeathers
Jeanne Selby
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 3E/2530

Charming pony dressed in feathered finery best describes Horsefeathers. Stragetically placed bright, bold colored feathers cover this pony from nose to tail, even the eyes are a mask of feathers. This technique works perfectly on the standing mold. The feathers are textured, lending the piece depth with a slightly glossed finish. The model presents with no problems. Display under lighting to bring out the colors.

Tropical Reef Horse Tropical Reef Horse
Laurie Holman
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 2E/8929

Another collage piece in the bright, bold, glossy colors of a tropical reef. This is a sea horse of a different color. The sea weed green mane and tail complement beautifully the colors of the fish and tendrils of coral reaching down the legs. The head is a strikingly detailed banded fish that somewhat camouflages the eyes of the horse. Tropical was popular as a regional piece but not so much world wide, which is a shame. The piece is sturdy with no problems. Display under lighting to bring out those glossy colors.

Reunion of the Family of Man Reunion of the Family of Man
Cal Peacock
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 4E/1027

Lovely reddish bronze background showcases amazingly detailed imagery and symbols including a colorful eagle on this piece. A medicine bundle of bird feathers is attached to the withers of the horse as well as a forelock feathering. Banding on the legs is interesting, tapering down to deep golden hooves. Another piece with the raised texture. The feathers on both the body and the head can come loose or get crushed in the box. Displays best under lighting to bring out the nuances of colors and symbols.

American Dream Horse American Dream Horse
Retired July 2007
Last Model # 3E/0130

Warm reds and purples surround the hopeful faces of children on this piece. Soft white doves, dreamy leaves and flowers flow and twine around the neck and legs of the model. This is an intricate work of art that seldom garners the attention it deserves. The face of the pony is surrounded by the doves lending the piece a child like persona that is sweetly innocent. Pastel colors on the base compliment the model nicely. This was not a popular piece with collectors but since retirement has held it's value quite well. The model presents with no problems. Display under indirect lighting.

Running with the Ancestors Running with the Ancestors
Carole Adamec
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 4E/1816

Graceful running model pony of a light sandy beige with darker prehistoric cave drawing horses flowing from the neck, down the withers and body. Cracking in the mold itself gives it an ancient appearance. Realistic eyes on the piece draw your attention to the face. This model presents with a few issues, namely that cracking. Unfortunately the cracking can be indeed a real crack in the piece so check your model carefully. There seems to be some paint discrepancies between 1E's and 2E's with the two's being much darker than the ones. Not necessarily a flaw but worth noting. Display under lighting so this model does not appear washed out.

Painted Lady Painted Lady
Barbara Quimby
January 2007
Last Model # 2E/7237

Pretty pastel colors in pinks, blues and magenta can't quite rescue this pony. The intricate designs are reminiscent of the true "Painted Ladies", Victorian houses, that showcase the lovely gingerbread scrollwork of days gone by. The effect of so many different designs makes the model appear choppy with no continuity of form. Lady has never been a popular piece among collectors but does retain her value. The model presents with some minor paint flaws, such as overruns. Display either under lighting or perhaps in a sunny kitchen.

Fallen Heroes Memorial Pony Fallen Heroes Memorial Pony
Trail of Painted Ponies
Retired July 2007
Last Model # 3E/8202

Beautiful bronze model atop a dark, wood-look trophy base. A small cutout in the base features a fireman's helmet and two police watchmen's caps as well as an American flag draped across the back. A gold tone inset at the bottom of the base is incribed with "Fallen Heroes Memorial Pony". As is the custom at traditional military funerals the black saddle of the riderless model has a pair of black high-top Hessian boots turned backwards in the stirrups to signify the fallen hero. The model presents with few problems and should be displayed under direct lighting.

Rodeo Dreams Rodeo Dreams
Jim Knauf
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 4E/8643

A high gloss ceramic piece in a soft brown with darker brown points on legs, muzzle and arch of the neck. The tail is nearly black as are the hooves. Small red, white and blue stars are scattered over the model along with several images of bucking broncos and riders. This pony is no pampered show pet but a rough and tumble rodeo star. The model presents with no problems. A ceramic, so display in a secure cabinet under indirect lighting.

Big Red Big Red
Trail of Painted Ponies
Retired July 2007
Last Model # 2E/5009

Fun piece covered with smiling Santas wearing their traditional red and white with a green hat or two thrown in, all over a stark white model. The pony sports his own red Santa hat as well. Gray hooves rest on top of a base that is textured to appear like snow complete with sparkleys. Sparkles are also scattered among the Santas on the body. Big Red was a popular piece with Painted Pony collectors as well as Christmas collectors. This model presents with no problems except loose glitter. Display year round with your collection, or in a special lighted location during the holidays.

Deck the Halls Deck the Halls
Trail of Painted Ponies
Retired July 2007
Last Model # 3E/1401

This piece is a conundrum. The idea is unique, a pony with a Christmas tree textured coat and strung with tinsel and ornaments. The deep green is actually more grass like than a traditional Christmas tree coloring. The ornaments are brightly colored, intricately detailed and textured while the tinsel is a muted silver and runs discreetly among them along with multi-colored lights and red bows. The base of the piece resembles a warm wine colored tree skirt with gold piping. Deck the Halls is one of those love or hate models. It was never well received among my buyers but other sellers had terrific luck with it. The model presents with few problems, mainly chipped pieces from any raised surface. Displays best under lighting.

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
Mike Dowdall - Westland Giftware
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 2E/7951

Cute pony with a peppermint striped saddle blanket and saddle sporting a breast collor strung with jingle bells. Stockings hang from the saddle in the place of saddle bags. The pretty palomino coloring of the model is a nice contrast to the bright colors and the cream colored mane, tail and Elvis flip forelock complete a truly wonderful design. Shiny black hooves rest on top of a base that looks like a snow covered brick walkway. The bells can come out of their anchor hole but are easily glued back in. Display year round in a lighted cabinet or in a table top Christmas display.

Reindeer Roundup Reindeer Roundup
Joy Steuerwald - Westland Giftware
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 2E/7401

A pony with antlers. The soft brown pony with the sparkling white mane and tail sports a set of antlers. Silver swirly ribbons dance up the pony's neck while a colorful blanket drapes the back and surrounds the breast and rump. Four sparkley white socks are offset by shiny black hooves. The starry eyes are an interesting, if a bit odd, choice for the face. The design works well on the running mold. Of course this model has problems, the antlers are made of some sort of pliable material that cracks and breaks easily and resists repairing with both super glue and hot glue. The glitter can be messy so handle this piece as little as possible. Display in a cabinet under lights, probably not a good idea for a table top Christmas display due to the fragile nature of those pesky antlers.

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