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Series Five ~ Released Winter 2005

Series five ponies marked another shift in production for the herds. This group has only eight figurines which will become the standard for all future winter herds. This series features a number of standouts, including Lori Musil's beloved Cowpony. It's interesting that three of the models are stark, monochromatic designs while another three feature some of the boldest colors to date. If you want a varied group, here it is, in both color and design.

The information on the base of the ponies becomes more uniform with this herd and remains that way to date.

  • All ponies will have the item number and pony's name stamped on the bottom of the base.
  • All ponies will have the artist's name on the base.
  • The TOPP designation changes from LLC to Inc. on these and all future ponies.
  • All of these ponies will have their edition numbers as well as "Handcrafted in China" stamped on their base.
  • The copyright date is 2005
  • The original boxes for all of these ponies will be red.
  • All of these ponies were produced in the life size model.
  • All models in this series are retired.

Kokopelli Pony Kokopelli Pony
Joel Nakamura
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 4E/9643

Charmingly mystical piece with a flat dark blue background featuring the hunched Kokopelli figure on the side of the model playing his magic flute. The figure appears in a sunny yellow oval and is accented with a slight southwestern landscape. The raised "dots" are again present on this pony and beautifully done. The alternating orange hooves as well as the reddish muzzle and tail tip add to the overall flowing color scheme of this piece. The raised "dots" can present a problem as they can be rubbed or broken off leaving an indentation so handle only as necessary. Displays well under lighting.

Skyrider Skyrider
Wendy Wells-Bailey
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 2E/7206

Stunningly beautiful piece using bright, bold primary colors. The flow of this model is superb, using color, line and form to convey the ponies journey across the sky. Study the raised golden lines to uncover the faces hiding in the swirls. The finishing touch of the classic red hooves add to the overall dynamic of this pony as do the golden ankle bracelets. Skyrider presents with no known problems and is ready for display right out of the box. Displays wonderfully under lights.

Willing Willing
Virgil Ortiz
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 2E/6009

This pony rocks, no doubt about it. A flat black base covered with traditional pottery designs in a raised silver patina and then all that strapped down in silver spikes and black leather. Not your Mother's Black Beauty that's for sure. The most cutting edge pony to date, Willing sports impressive spiked horns, a long beard and flowing black tail as well as rein chains. A dynamic piece that commands your attention whether you love it or hate it. The pony presents with some problems, namely those reins. They can come loose but are easily repaired. I've had a few arrive with broken horns but that was a packing problem that has since been remedied. Rarely a model will have broken spikes and that beard is not attached in the most secure manner so handle it with care and then leave it alone. Display this bad boy behind glass, away from curious paws, and under bright lights. The silver really shines.

Saguaro Stallion Saguaro Stallion
John Geryak
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 2E/8401

Another extraordinarily textured piece for the tactile among us. This piece features a stand of saguaro cactus in silhouette by both a lovely, dark blue moon rise as well as a spectacular sunrise. The landscape using both color and texture add a depth to this pony that is interesting and unique. The banded tail, blue hooves and face mask are details that make this model a stand out. The base is a dark brown with several rounded "stones" between the hooves. Saguaro presents with no problems. Displays best under lighting, if not he will appear dark and drab.

Incognito Incognito
Janee Hughes
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 4E/2931

An imaginative piece using a slightly altered standing mold. The mane has the raised mohawk look of the zebra and the tail has been slimmed down to appear more ropey. Incognito features Grant's zebras hiding in the stripes of the model, much like a magic eye puzzle. The stark black and white stripes are nicely done as is the face with realistic eyes and a black muzzle. A black tail tip, socks and hooves complete the incognito zebra pony. The model presents with no problems. Displays well in a lighted cabinet or as part of a modern black and white decor.

Caballito Caballito
Amado Pena
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 2E/7207

The literal translation of Caballito is "little horse". Turquoise background adorned with stars and featuring iconic Native American faces in bold colors lends this piece it's appeal. Sadly, it falls flat from there. This piece would have been much better suited to the standing mold, giving the faces the static positioning instead of allowing them to slide all over the running mold. The legs of the model are all different giving it a gaudy appearance. Caballito was not a popular piece in production and since retirement has fallen more out of favor with collectors. The model presents with no known issues. Display in a lighted cabinet but away from brighter colored ponies, they clash.

Epic Horse Epic Horse
Jeffrey Chan
Retired January 2006
Last Model # 2E/3610

A truly beautiful piece stunning in it's simplicity. A glossy black pony inscribed with an ancient Chinese poem, Orchid Pavillion Preface, using the exquisite art of calligraphy. It is reminiscent of stone tablet writing of old. Epic is graceful to the eye in both form and artistry. The Trail needs to aggresssively pursue more works by this artist and those like him. The piece presents with no problems, except it's devilishly hard to photograph. Display with care, not under direct lighting because of the glare. Keep him dusted too.

Cowpony Cowpony
Lori Musil
Retired July 2008
Last Model # 5E/3748

The most anticipated pony at the time of it's release, Cowpony sold out in less than a day. The introduction of Lori's ingenious use of blended images on the horse form in her signature style is still wonderfully unique. The model features horned red and white Herefords in a raised pattern on the body and neck of the piece, even extending down the face too. The detail is remarkable considering the images must be fitted to flow along the body of the horse. The muddy brown of the muzzle, tail tip and legs is interesting as well, leading the eye to automatically differentiate between the horse and the cows. Cowpony presents with no problems. Display under lighting in a cabinet, espcecially if you own a 1E as they are quite scarce and very valuable.

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