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Series Four ~ Released Summer & Holiday 2004

The fourth herd galloped onto the scene sporting something new, the beginning of the Christmas ponies. The regular ponies of this herd are somewhat ho-hum with the notable exceptions of Star York's Medicine Horse and the Children's Prayer Pony. The former is a stunner whether you like the Native American ponies or not and the latter has across the board appeal because of the touching theme. The Christmas offerings were popular right from the start and remain so, including Golden Girl, which is a love or hate piece.

  • All ponies will have the item number and pony's name stamped on the bottom of the base.
  • For the first time the artist's name appears on the base.
  • TOPP was not yet incorporated so they are labeled as an LLC on the base.
  • The only two ponies that have handwritten edition numbers are Wilderness Roundup and Grandfather's Journey.
  • All of the other ponies have their edition numbers stamped on.
  • Another important change is to the terminology on the base, it changes from "Made in China" to "Handcrafted in China". This is a permanent change.
  • The copyright date is 2004.
  • Series four ponies that were manufactured and released before or sometime during 2005 should be in a black box IF the box is the original that the pony was sold in.
  • I have confirmed that all of these ponies, except Christmas Clydesdale and Golden Girl, were made into life-sized models.
  • Children's Prayer Pony, now retired, will have some editions that are "remanufactured" by Enesco.
  • Each pony in this series has now been retired

Earth, Wind and Fire Earth, Wind and Fire
Bill Rabbit
Retired January 2007
Last Model # 4E/1710

Interesting use of bold color on this piece. One side displays a Plains Indian warrior, the other a peaceful Pueblo scene. Look closely and you'll spot a bear and an eagle too. The scheme of the entire model is more geometric than flowing which contrasts with the mold making for an awkward presentation, in my opinion. Differing opinions are always welcome, just email me. EWF has never been popular and has actually decreased in value since it's retirement. The model presents with no problems. Display under lighting to bring out the colors.

Medicine Horse Medicine Horse
Star Liana York
Retired February 2011
Last Model # 11E/8675

Stunning model, one of the most intricate ever released. Unique metalic body coloring that while not matte is not a glossy either, more a luminous finish. Authentic tools of a Plains Indian ceremonial horse including shields, a lance, a bow & a pipe as well as an assorted amulets and talismans. The black socks, mane and tail of the piece are in stark contrast to the body and very eye-catching. Minimal red markings on the face add to the intricate beauty of Medicine Horse. Feathers are nicely placed. And oh those feathers, those are the weakness of the model unfortunately. They tend to come loose or off at will, but are easily reattached. Remove this model carefully from the styrofoam by hooking your fingers under the legs and tugging straight up. The spear is vulnerable to breakage if not removed carefully. Display with care behind glass. Those feathers are fascinating to pets.

Thunderbird Suite Thunderbird Suite
Joel Nakamura
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 3E/5642

Contrasting dark and light colors depicting shadow and light are loosely patterned across this piece. Triangular shapes dissect the horse somewhat, making the model appear choppy, not flowing as would be expected for a thunderbird. The raised texture of the piece is interesting but doesn't seem to add to the design. This was not a popular piece at release and has not gained in popularity or value since it's retirement. Does not present any problems right out of the box. Display in an enclosed cabinet, but be aware that lighting seems to wash out the model.

Anasazi Spirit Horse Anasazi Spirit Horse
Robert Rivera
Retired January 2009
Last Model # 5E/6969

Incredibly detailed white raised designs on the flat black finish of this model make it one of the more eye-catching of the line. The swirled designs are inspired from the paintings on Anasazi pottery found in Chaco Canyon. Since little is known of the Anasazi the meanings of the designs are a mystery. The only known issue with this piece is a mold flaw. Occasionally one or both of the front hooves will appear to be chopped or cut off along the front of the hoof, giving it a flat appearance instead of the normal rounded front. Display under lighting to bring out the contrasting white and black.

Kitty Cat's Ball Kitty Cat's Ball
Elizabeth Lewis Scott
Retired July 2006
Last Model # 3E/7112

Whimscal pony festooned with frolicing felines. A beautiful blue night sky provides the vivid background for scenes depicting the hijinks our kittys get up to in the overnight hours. The t-shirt wearing cats sport grins in their various poses. The pony itself is colored as a striped orange cat on the legs, tail and face. The muzzle has inset wire whiskers. Those whiskers present the only problem with the model as sometimes they are either missing or come out of the anchoring hole. A dab of super glue is an easy fix. Kitty Cat is a ceramic so should be displayed behind glass.

Children's Prayer Pony Children's Prayer Pony
Trail of Painted Ponies
Retired February 2012
Last Model # 6E/6078

Sweet, glossy, colorful pony in the standing mold. The piece is decorated with children's drawings and prayers commemorating the tragedy of September 11, 2001. A hand drawing of the earth adorns the side of the model while a rainbow follows the arc of the neck. Hearts and stars are predominant artwork, perhaps depicting love and hope for us all. A black dorsal strip extends down to a black tail. The base of the pony is textured to simulate grass and flowers under the ponies hooves. Prayer Pony presents with no problems. She should be displayed in a secure cabinet under lighting because she is a ceramic.

Wilderness Roundup Wilderness Roundup
Mitzie Bower
Retired July 2007
Last Model # 4E/1788

Gorgeous model with wonderfully realistic illustrations of a whole range of wildlife and aquatic life. The light brown coloring of the pony is the perfect backdrop for the colorful animals and water. The flowing placement of the animals allows the eye to follow the pattern around the shape of the horse and through the water. Dark brown shins topping white socks actually discourage the eye from being distracted by the hooves. A most interesting technique by a talented artist. Wilderness presents with no problems. Another ceramic, so display in a cabinet under lighting.

Grandfather's Journey Grandfather's Journey
Buddy Tubinaghtewa
Retired January 2008
Last Model # 5E/9232

Interesting imagery on this pony, including corn maidens, Kachina figures, celestial skies and lightning bolts. Bold use of primary colors make this pony striking as does the straight linear geometric shapes that transect the piece. The black mane and tail in the high gloss as well as the red face, offset the neck and body art nicely. Journey is one of those pieces that you either love or dislike. It's popularity was modest and has remained so now that it's retired. No known issues with this pony but worth noting is that the base is a dark brown top and bottom making the numbers on the bottom devilishly hard to read. A ceramic, so display with care behind glass.

Nutcracker Pony Nutcracker Pony
Janee Hughes
Retired December 2009
Last Model # 3E/0402

Nutcracker has the distinction of being the first Christmas pony of the Trail line. Beautiful, glossy piece depicting the Russian ballet, "The Nutcracker Suite" on the model. Pretty ballerinas dance among snowflakes and a quaint village lending a beautiful flow to the piece. The art on the pony is slightly raised giving the piece texture not normally found on the ceramics. Slight variations in the designs is to be expected and should not be considered a flaw. A ceramic, so display behind glass.

Snowflake Snowflake
Judith Fudenski
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 3E/9724

Lovely pony in a deep blue matte finish covered with lacey snowflakes. The bright white flakes are slightly raised giving the piece texture. A truly classic design makes this girl perfect for any Christmas display. Snowflake is hands down the most popular holiday pony and has been since her release. Despite four new Christmas ponies being released each year this model still retains the top spot of all the holiday offerings & no wonder, she is simply gorgeous. No problems with this model. Display year round in a lighted cabinet or on a table top during the Yule Season.

Christmas Clydesdale Christmas Clydesdale
Mike Dowdall & Joy Steuerwald - Westland Giftware
Retired March 2010
Last Model # 3E/7553

Christmas Clydesdale is the first variant mold of the line. Not a true Clydesdale form but pretty nonetheless. A matte finish dappled brown piece wearing the traditional draft horse hitch adorned with red ribbon and bells that really jingle. A pretty green wreath encircles the yoke. A red halter with a bell on the snap completes his tack. Black mane and tail, and solid white feathers on the draft hooves complete the form. As mentioned, this is not a true draft horse form, the head is too small and the legs are too long. The base is decorated with holly leaves and berries. A few problems with this model do crop up, the most serious being either missing or broken bells and they are fairly difficult to reattach. Also, the wreath will need fluffing and reshaping. Reins can be either one or two, either is correct. Display year round in a lighted cabinet or in a table top Christmas display.

Golden Girl Golden Girl
Joy Steuerwald - Westland Giftware
Retired February 2006
*Last Model # 1E/8400

Flat yellow/golden piece with raised white swirls flowing along the body. Cream colored wings atop the back, creamy tail and a wisp of cream colored forelock. This girl looks awkward on the standing mold and would have at least been more pleasing to the eye on the running mold. Golden Girl is a model that you either love or well, hate. She was not a very popular pony while in production but once she retired she became quite sought after and still is. The wings can break off and/or loosen in their slot so handle with care. Quite a few of these pieces present with the raised "dots" either being brushed off or broken off leaving an indentation which is quite noticeable. Displays best under lights.

*I have been provided a photograph of the bottom of the base of a Golden Girl with the number 1E/8539.

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