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Welcome to CrimsonLuna. This site is devoted to the collection of accurate, useful and up to date information on The Trail of Painted Ponies. I strive to provide as much detail as possible on every pony that has been released to date. My goal is to bring all of the relevant material together in one easy to navigate site, including a complete picture gallery with descriptions, interesting tidbits about ponies and even a page entirely for collectors to show off their pony displays. As such, the website is a work in progress so look for changes daily.

La Fleur by Jesse Leach I invite you to visit each Series of The Trail of Painted Ponies by clicking the links below. Here you will find every Pony that has been generally released, including the retired ~ out to pasture ~ Ponies. I've recently expanded each series page to include more detailed information on the pony as well as the artist who created it. Also, since I've gotten so many inquiries regarding the speciality market, exclusive release ponies, I've added them to my site as well. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

If you are interested in chatting about all things Painted Pony please visit our forum "Painted Pony Chat". Someone is usually available to answer any questions or just chat about these lovely ponies. New members and guests are always welcome!

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